a life in rock & roll

“Sounding like several guitarists at once!”- David Gilmore

From his early days with Atomic Rooster, his guitar slinging skills and composing talents have been sought by the likes of the Who, Paul Young, Rick Wright, Dave Gilmour, John Otway Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Belinda Carlisle and countless others. In 2013, Steve was given the fantastic honour of a lifetime achievement at the Galaxy Music Awards

Biography of Steve `Boltz' Bolton ~ Guitar Player, Vocalist, Composer

• 1972 - Steve arrives in London from his home town of Manchester
• 1972 - Joins ATOMIC ROOSTER and records 'Made In England' with Rooster
• 1973 - Leaves ATOMIC ROOSTER
• 1974 - Joins & forms HEADSTONE, a mainstream 20th Century rockgroup with Mark Ashton (rare bird) and records albums with HEADSTONE
• 1978 - Plays with the JOE O'DONNELL band and records 'Gaodhal's Vision'
• 1980 - ZAINE GRIFF
• 1980 - Recorded with DAVID BOWIE
• 1981 - Records with Phillip Rambow on 'Jungle Law'
• 1981 - Tours the USA with JOHN OTWAY
• 1981 - Guitar for RICHARD STRANGE on the 'Phenominal Rise of Richard Strange'
• 1982 - Forms THE VAMPIRE BATS FROM LEWISHAM, a real cult band in the 80s!
• 1983 - Joins PAUL YOUNG as guitarist/composer & plays on most of Pauls records
• 1986 - Appears in the role of “Spyder” in the BOB DYLAN film, “Hearts of Fire”
• 1989 - Personally asked by PETE TOWNSEND to help him as a guitarist for THE WHO on their live tour of “The Kids are Alright”, including performances of “Tommy” with ELTON JOHN, BILLY IDOL & PHIL COLLINS.
• 1991 - Formed his band, 6foot3 and toured the UK.
• 1992 - TV appearances with DONNY OSMOND. Toured with BELINDA CARLISLE.
• 1993 - Recorded and composed ‘ALBION’ with WILLIAM SHELLER
• 1993 - Recorded at Woodstock, New York with JEFFERY GAINES
• 1994 - Recorded an album with LENA FIAGBE
• 1995 - Recorded with SCOTT WALKER
• 1996 - For a number of years, Steve works as a session guitarist

Present - Steve continues to play live with a variety of bands and as a solo wandering troubadour.  Steve's latest band, Dead Man's Corner are shortly releasing a four trackEP, followed by an exciting new album during 2016.  To find out more about Dead Man'sCorner, visit their website - www.deadmanscorner.net

During the 2000s, Steve became actively involved with the Rainforest Alliance and performed at a number of concerts in NYC with the likes of DR JOHN, LEVON HELME, KEITH RICHARDS, ANOUSHKA SHANKAR, HUBERT SUMLIN (Howlin’ Wolf’s long timeguitar player), ROBERT CRAY and many others of rock & roll distinction.
Discography - Steve Bolton has recorded with artists including ;

The Who - Join Together (1990)
Thirty Years of Maximum R&B [Disc 4, track 19] (1994)
Greatest Hits Live [Disc 2, tracks 1-5] (2010)
Made in England with Atomic Rooster (1972)
Headstone - High on You (7", promo) (1974)
Richard Strange - International Language" (single) (1981)
The Phenomenal Rise of Richard Strange (LP, album) (1981)
Paul Young - Come Back and Stay (single remix version) (1983)
Paul Young - Love Of The Common People (Ext Club Mix) (1983)
Paul Young - No Parlez (album, comp) (1983)
Paul Young - Wherever I Lay My Hat (1983)
Paul Young - I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (single) (1984)
Paul Young - The Secret Of Association (Album, Comp) (1985)
Paul Young - Tomb Of Memories (Maxi, Single)(1985)
Richard Strange & the Engine Room - Going, Gone (LP, Album) (1986)Inside (CD, Album)(1986)
Stephen Eicher - My Place (Album) (1989)
Paul Young - Other Voices (Album) (1990)
Stephen Eicher - Engelberg (Album) (1991)
Privilège (CD) (1992)
Rock Legends (4xCD, Comp + Box) (1992)
Diggin' On You (Maxi) (1995)
Rick Wright - Broken China (Album) (1996)
Ray Davies - Other People's Lives (CD) (2006)
Ray Davies - Other People's Lives (CD, Promo) (2006)

Steve Bolton has appeared in musical films and videos, including:

Tommy and Quadrophenia Live: The Who (2005)
The Who Live at Giants Stadium (1989)
The Who Live, Featuring the Rock Opera Tommy (1989)
Hearts of Fire (1987)
The Who: Thirty Years of Maximum R&B Live (1994))
Masters from the Vaults (2003)